The program consists of several workshops and courses


1. Permaculture


The practical part of permaculture provides the basis of our program. Together with locals, the group will implement sustainable permacultural concepts, e.g. the construction of water filter systems, composting toilets, the construction of an accommodation based on the eartship model, plant beds etc. Local guides help us to learn more about the African flora and fauna.


In the theoretical part we discuss and develop the underlying sustainable principles.

2. Cooking/ diet

Together with local cooks we learn how to prepare traditional African meals. Besides the cultural experience, the focus lies on permacultural principles of healthy diet. 

3. Language lessons

Understanding and communication are primarily based on language and so we consider it important to overcome those barriers by learning the fundamentals of the resident language Ewe. Long-term we also want to establish lessons for French, English and German.


4. Drumming

Music is a big element of African culture and it is encouraging communication and interaction. There is the possibility to build own musical instruments, like Djembe and together with a drumming teacher we will learn rhythms and songs.


5. Cultural lectures

For a comprehensive understanding of history, culture and the current political situation we invite guests and experts on these issues. These lectures are open to the public.


6. Excursions/ courses

Furthermore, there is the possibility to join excursions to become more familiar with the country, people and landscape. There are also offers for different courses like batik dyeing.


7. traditional dancing curse


8. Festival

The highlight and also conclusion of the program will be the public festival that will last for two days. Craftsmen have the possibility to offer their art, there will be football matches and regional and international artists and musicians will be invited. Together we will celebrate, make music, present what we have learned and also bid farewell. Some months later, there will be a twin festival in Halle (Saale) and the people will get the possibility to participate in an international exchange.